Advice to new business owners with no budget for a logo

So many times as new business owners we think we need a logo and a website and you do, but not when you don’t have the budget for it.

Ask yourself these questions when you are a new business owner;
1. If I spend the money I have now, what value will this logo bring back to my business?
2. Will I profit from this logo at this stage in my business?

Often times I speak to new business owners and they can not afford to pay for a logo but they insist on having one or otherwise they can’t start operating their businesses, which is not true.

Rather than paying R500 on a logo design, use that money to contribute to advertising your product or services, get your name out there, get customers that will pay you and grow your business so that you will be able to hire a professional Graphic Designer or Logo Specialist to design a logo that will last you a lifetime.

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